A ranking from BarclayHedge for the category of “Distressed Securities” is open to funds with assets greater than $10 million as of a stated date.  Working with an adviser rated by BarclayHedge does not ensure that an investor or potential investor in the particular private fund will experience a higher level of service, performance or results.  The ranking by BarclayHedge (1) is not a guarantee of future investment success, (2) should not be construed as an endorsement of Corrib by any investor, (3) is not representative of any one investor’s evaluation or experience, (4) was based on information prepared and submitted to BarclayHedge by Corrib, (5) was not subject to independent verification, (6) may have been based on a small sample of candidates, and (7) may not be representative of the entire population of potential candidates.  Corrib did not pay a fee to be eligible to participate in the ranking.